YOGA AND Rudrayogpeeth

Yoga inspires us to live in such a way that we can make the best out of life. As beautiful as we are as people, unfortunately the world can make us into something we are not. Before we know it, we lose ourselves and then that becomes our reality. Yoga brings us closer to who we are, who we sometimes forgot to be. The way I see it, the main theme with Yoga is taking things slow in life. We live in a place where there is a lot of haste, hurry and stress. Applying habits from a yogic lifestyle to our own, we can create space in our beings to activate something truly important that we own in our bodies. We owe it to ourselves to be in a constant state of bliss. 

The world can bring us to places in ourselves where we don’t need or want to be, and that can make us lose ourselves, which in turn makes us lose sight of how great life can be. Yoga and all of its habits, practices, perspectives and mind-sets, help us to stay close to our real selves and to be able to handle life’s hardships. To put it in a cliché way: life is like a roller coaster, it has ups and downs. Some are scary, some are fun. Some feel like it’s the end, some feel like it’s a beautiful new beginning. However, if one doesn’t strap themselves very tight and safely, all of the ups and downs can be misleading, confusing, dangerous, unbalancing and deadly.

Yoga is the seat belt of a very dangerous ride. It is the strap on a roller coaster. A very safe one. Tested by the ancients, invented by universal love. Given the fact that not all seven billion people will have the life they want to live, that not everyone can be something and leave a legend behind, be that person that everyone wants to learn from, be that person people look up to, we still can do our very best to simply be happy. From happiness, the best things happen. If someone is truly happy, everybody gets inspired from that person, no matter what they have done. There is a whole lot of information coming through the minds of all of us, a lot of distraction that makes us confuse our own paths. The world and our mind can make us doubt ourselves and at the same time make us think we are on top of the world, the best of the best. But we need to focus. Every day we need to consider what we actually are, which is simple happiness.

To get to a point; Rudra Yogpeeth is a great yoga school. Aside from the stuff that we learn, the disciplinary schedule we follow, the early mornings and late evenings, the great physical exercise, the inner challenges and the great and inspiring teachers around us, it is the energy as a whole in Rudra Yogpeeth that reminds me of all of the above that I said. Rudra Yogpeeth paints the whole picture. With that being said, don’t expect to get comfortable speeches about life all the time. The physical training doing the asana’s, the interesting lectures about yogic philosophy, the enjoyment of learning about spirituality along with the power of mantra’s and aligning chakra sounds, all of it combined convey a message to a student at Rudra Yogpeeth. A simple message. That’s what it’s all about; it’s not at all about the asana’s, the certificate after the course or being a yoga teacher after a TTC. Studying at Rudra Yogpeeth tries to remind the student that it’s all about teaching yourself to be your own teacher, the best one we can get to know. If the student pays attention, he will get the message.

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