Ionic DUAL gyroscopic exercise trainer builds upper-body strength with inertial resistance

Unlock upper-body power with the Ionic DUAL gyroscopic exercise trainer. This gyroscopic exercise trainer generates an impressive 100 lbs of inertial resistance, directly targeting and sculpting your arms, shoulders, chest, and abs.


Superior inertial resistance: Generating an impressive 100 lbs of inertial resistance, it directly targets and strengthens your arms, shoulders, chest, and core.
Instant startup: Experience the innovation of Ionic DUAL’s patented self-charging electric starting system. In fact, it brings the internal rotor engine up to its primary starting speed in seconds, ensuring it’s always ready for action with a simple touch of a button.
Non-impact excellence: Not just powerful, it’s also gentle on your body. Use it as a warm-up training aid to prep your muscles before engaging in your favorite sport. Or incorporate it into your regular workout routine for a comprehensive upper-body workout that builds strength without the impact.
Pocket-size portability: Despite its significant strength, the Ionic DUAL remains impressively compact. Slip it into your pocket, and it becomes your on-the-go fitness companion, ready to help you conquer your fitness goals wherever you are.


Finally, Ionic DUAL redefines your upper-body fitness journey, offering convenience, power, and versatility in one pocket-size package. So say goodbye to cumbersome equipment and hello to a new era of strength-building innovation.

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