I wondered why everyone stared at me in the gym, so I filmed myself & understood

A FITNESS fan has revealed her mortifying moment in the gym when she realized her leggings left little to the imagination.

She said she couldn’t understand why everyone was staring at her during her workout, until she decided to film it.

Jojo is a digital content creator who shares videos on fitness and other lifestyle-related topicsCredit: TikTok/thejuicyjo
She filmed herself doing cable kick backs in the gym, saying she wondered why everyone was staringCredit: TikTok/thejuicyjo

Jojo (@thejuicyjo) filmed herself hydrating before hitting the gym in a video on TikTok.

“Me wondering why everyone was staring at me in the gym, so I filmed it,” read the text.

She wore a matching activewear set, white socks and sneakers, and a baseball cap.

Jojo filmed herself at the cable kickback machine, showing the opacity of her leggings.

When bending over to secure the cable to her ankle, her leggings clearly weren’t squat-proof.

“Me doing squats in these [clown emoji],” she added in the caption.

The video drew in many viewers who shared their thoughts in the comment section.

“What are we supposed to do though?” one wrote. “Can’t change pants.”

“Same girl, the only pair I thought wasn’t see-through, my boyfriend had to stand behind me. Was see through after all,” another added.

Some said they don’t see an issue with wearing see-through leggings to the gym.

“It’s just skin what’s the problem,” a third chimed in.

Others said they felt for Jojo, having experienced the same wardrobe malfunction.

“Yep this happened to me too and I never got it until my best friend was saying it,” yet another wrote.

“Because when you look in the mirror before you go to the gym, you don’t see that the leggings are becoming transparent,” one more wrote.

After filming herself, she realized that her leggings were completely see-through when she bent overCredit: TikTok/thejuicyjo

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