I used a cheap foam roller every day for a week: Here’s what happened

If you’ve felt a load of aches after a heavy gym session or run, you’re not alone, and while stretching and post-workout shakes will undoubtedly help your muscle rebuild, there is another way. Foam rollers, like this classic dense gridded example from WIUUP, are a fantastic way to add cost-effective percussive massage and mobility work to your exercise and recovery routine. 

Cheaper (although a tad more painful) then the best massage guns, it’s tough to get used to, but you can certainly reap the rewards of improved mobility and faster recovery with regular practice. Over 14 studies on foam rolling found it can increase joint range of motion short-term, and “may help attenuate decrements in muscle performance and DOMS after intense exercise”. 

$20 challenge

This is the latest in a regular series of articles in which we test really cheap gadgets to see if they’re worth even the small price you’ll pay for them. Read them all here.

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