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Published: 2023-09-29T12:59:03

  ❘   Updated: 2023-09-29T12:59:10

EA FC 24 Career Mode brings a lot to the table this year, as the Training Plan menu allows you to tend to the players’ day-to-day Fitness and Sharpness. As you develop your players, you will want to make sure they stay fit for every matchday, so here’s how to improve their Fitness and Sharpness in EA FC 24.

EA FC 24 Career Mode is a fairly fresh experience compared to the previous titles with its new Coach Management and Tactical Vision features. Developing players has never been this deep as you can not only grow them over time but can also improve them for every match day in the game.

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In Career Mode, you would want to make sure that your players are fit and ready for every game if you want to compete against the big boys of football. To do that, you will have to invest a fair amount of time in the Training menu for each player in your team.

Here’s how to improve the players’ Fitness and Sharpness through Training Plans in EA FC 24.

How to improve Fitness and Sharpness in EA FC 24 Career Mode

You can improve a player’s Fitness and Sharpness in EA FC 24 Career Mode by simply changing their training focus in the Training Plan menu. As you go through the various types of plans available, you can choose the best one suited for each player, or the whole team at once to save some time.

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EA FC 24 Training PlanEA Sports

The Training Plan menu is essential for maintaining the Fitness and Sharpness of the players.

There are 5 types of plans on the menu:

  • All-Out Energy: This heavily focuses on restoring and conserving a player’s energy which is great for keeping players in the match for a long time. However, this also removes focus from Sharpness.
  • Energy-focused: This is a roughly 70-30 split towards Energy where the player will primarily focus on increasing stamina while working on their performance a bit too.
  • Balanced: This is a mid-point, a 50-50 balance. Here the player will simultaneously work on both Sharpness and Fitness and will achieve decent results in both of them.
  • Performance-focused: This is yet another 70-30 division but inclined more towards the Sharpness of the player while working on a bit of energy conservation too.
  • All-Out Performance: This will divert the total focus of a player towards improving their Sharpness, completely neglecting the aspect of Fitness.

You will have to go through the current status of each and every player in your squad and pick the right Training Plan for them to achieve the best results in EA FC 24 Career Mode. This was everything you had to know to improve Fitness and Sharpness through Training Plans in the Career Mode.

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