Fitness Coach Briana Chandler In Tiny Two-Piece Shows Her Growth

Fitness coach Briana Chandler is showing off her fit physique in a two-piece bathing suit; however, she has an important message for her followers.

Although she showed her followers the results of all of her hard work, she also took a moment to remind them of all of the blood, sweat, and tears that it took to get there!

Fitness Coach Briana Chandler In Two-Piece Swimsuit Shows Off Her Hard Work

Fitness Coach Briana Chandler In Tiny Two Piece Shows Her Growth
Instagram | Briana Chandler

While posing in a two-piece black swimsuit that showed off her glowing summer tan and sculpted physique, the social media sensation took a moment to remind her followers what they don’t see on Instagram. She led them through an Instagram carousel that featured her admitting that she almost skipped her first photo shoot because she thought that she wasn’t lean enough.

She also admitted to covering her face with emojis when she took selfies in the mirror because she thought she was “fat.” Briana also shared a video of “the ugly reps” which shows her making faces while she hip thrusted a serious amount of weight at the gym.

Another photo features her smiling for a mirror selfie while wearing a floral pink swimsuit. “When I felt I was going backward in my progress in South Africa,” she wrote in the text over the photo. The last slide features her snapping a selfie in the bathroom mirror while wearing an oversized black hoodie. “The moment I realized I had lost myself in my first relationship,” it read.

Fitness Coach Briana Chandler In Tiny Two Piece Shows Her Growth
Instagram | Briana Chandler

In the caption of her Instagram post, Briana admitted, “My journey with fitness has been complicated at times. I started working out because I was gaining weight in my stomach and face due to emotional eating. It got to a point where I was uncomfortable in my own skin and knew I needed to make a change.”

“When I found the gym, I began to gain muscle in all the right places, but then I got into my first relationship,” she explained. “After some while, I stopped prioritizing myself to the same degree I had before. I was always consistent with working out, but eventually with my anxiety at an all-time high and struggles with appetite, I ended up dropping more weight than I originally wanted to and I lost sight of who I was.”

Fitness Coach Briana Chandler In Tiny Two Piece Shows Her Growth
Instagram | Briana Chandler

“After a good amount of time after my breakup, I finally felt ready to recommit myself to a fitness goal. It took a lot of hard work but I got back up to 145lbs again and then cut thereafter,” she wrote. “I knew logically I could do it again, but proving it to myself mattered more.”

“This is why my coaching is built on self-healing + continuous improvement. We build our bodies back with constructive habits, healthier foods, and stronger workouts. No matter what brought you down, I want to be your bridge from destructive behaviors to self-empowerment,” she added.

“My personal health improved when I finally started to let others in. Now it’s my mission to be the one you let in, so we can all rediscover our best selves again. We all deserve that,” she concluded, wrapping up her post with a black heart emoji.

Briana Explains That She’s ‘Not Always Ready’ To Show Her Face Online

Fitness Coach Briana Chandler In Tiny Two Piece Shows Her Growth
Instagram | Briana Chandler

“That’s why you’ve covered your face in a lot of posts over the years… I thought it was a more ‘no face no case’ scenario.. There’s something beautiful about what appears to be a confident woman sharing some of her vulnerable moments,” one fan commented.

“ I don’t feel like my cheeks are chubby anymore, but yeah sometimes I don’t want to show my own face cos not always ready lol. I’m realizing a lot about what I don’t like about social media I have the ability to change with my own page,” Briana replied.

Fitness trainer Zelly Rojo commented, “I have been a part of your journey since way back and I have enjoyed watching you grow. You are beautiful and you inspire so many women.” Briana replied, “Thank you, my dear. So do you!”

Fitness Coach Briana Chandler In Tiny Two Piece Shows Her Growth
Instagram | Briana Chandler

“I absolutely love this because most influencers, never want to show the bad side of success. Most give the impression like they woke up in great shape,” another fan chimed in. “I seriously love this about you and your posting. It’s raw and this makes me love your content even more. Thanks for giving us who are starting out the motivation that we can do it.”

“Thank you so much,” Briana replied. “A lot of people struggle to share the non-highlights bc they think that that isn’t what people want to see when in reality it’s what causes a whole lot of separation and insecurity too. If more people knew the process included setbacks they wouldn’t feel so bad about their own setbacks when they happen and would be able to push forward.”

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