Buying Guide: At-home workout essentials for your best workout yet

Starting your journey to improved health and fitness doesn’t have to be hard. With a dedicated workout space and investing in a few of the right products, you can quickly turn your desire for at-home workouts into a reality.

You don’t need expensive equipment or a personal trainer; all you need is an internet connection and a few items — like high-quality sneakers or a yoga block — to make virtually any workout accessible and safe to do in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Let’s dive into the must-haves that will inspire and accelerate your at-home fitness routine.

Everyday Essentials

The double-sided non-stick surface and extra thick cushioned mat make this the perfect addition to your workout routine to keep you comfortable and safe during all types of at-home workouts.  

$25 at Amazon



This multi-weight set has a handy storage rack to tidy your designated workout area. This set of hand weights is particularly suited for smaller hands and is perfect for a little extra weight added to your workouts. 

$54 at Walmart$56 at Bed Bath & Beyond


This 3-pack of mini resistance bands is a great way to elevate your floor-based workouts with light, medium and heavy levels of resistance, depending on where you are at in your fitness journey. 

$11 at Walmart


With a super functional design, this leakproof, stainless steel insulated water bottle will keep your water cold (or after-workout coffee hot!) for hours at a time.  

$22 at Amazon


Exercise balls are great for improving strength and stability and are the perfect companion to many yoga, pilates or general strength and balance training workouts. 

$20 at Walmart


Adding some nice background music can really make a workout class fly by! A portable Bluetooth speaker like this one doesn’t take up much space and you can bring it with you anywhere you want to work out. 

$40 at Amazon


Kettlebells don’t have to be something you only find in a gym. These soft BalanceFrom options are suitable for men and women and are color-coated for ease of use. 

$17 at Walmart

Gaiam Essentials

The use of a yoga block can totally transform your workout, making moves and positions that were previously out of reach more attainable. These supportive foam blocks are non-slip and super lightweight. 

$16 at Amazon$17 at Gaiam


If you’d like a nice simple way to track your steps and monitor your heart rate and even sleep, but don’t want to fully commit to a pricey Apple Watch, this fitness tracker is a great, affordable option to help you on your fitness journey. 

$40 at Amazon

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